A natural solution to reduced productivity

A natural solution to reduced productivity

In northern Australia, ticks and buffalo fly are two of the most significant pests in cattle, costing $260 million per annum or an average $20 for every beast on every property, via direct production impacts and through the spread of tick fever, a major cause of death and illness in cattle herds.

Failure to control ectoparasites is a major road-block to the improved quality, value and sustainability of the 20,000 businesses that comprise the northern Australian cattle industry. Tens of thousands more small and large  businesses also depend on the vibrancy of this economic zone.

Over 80 years ago, the introduction of Bos indicus crosses was the first landmark natural solution to ectoparasites.  Today, we understand their innate resistance is due to the biology just under the animals’ skin.

Pro-TICK® is a completely novel research project aimed at developing a low-cost, chemical residue-free, microbial probiotic applied to the hide of cattle.  By harnessing helpful microbes, we aim to provide life-long protection against cattle tick and buffalo fly.

Pro-Tick® is aimed at improving animal health and welfare, and providing better environmental outcomes.

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